Ian Parry

Ian Parry’s musical education began at school, where he studied violin. Later he taught himself guitar and played in skiffle bands and folk groups whilst adding banjo to his list of instruments.
At University he first encountered Jazz music, that being the popular music there at the time. However there were many very good guitar players available but only a small number of bands. A friend then offered a lesson on a double bass, on the basis that the strings were tuned the same as the bottom four strings of a guitar…so that should be easy then! The very next evening Ian played his first gig on double bass, learning as he went.
Ian has since played in many bands of differing styles, on bass, guitar and banjo, firstly in his ‘native’ Middlesex and more recently in his ‘adopted’ Midlands, where, incidently, he was born. Ian joined the 7 Stars of Jazz in August 2010 initially helping out on double bass.